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Protos: One Day a New Horizon

Protos: The Noble Pauper

"Excellent. Great musicianship. Quality all round." -- Frank Dicker

"Wow...this is phenomenal music. Intelligent, well-executed, and dare I say it, catchy." -- Paul, Heaviest Humans

"Tempest is a great track. Great composition, melodies and counter-melodies." -- Andy Schumcher

"Wow! That left me wanting to hear more. Guess I'm off to iTunes - nice one." -- David Haines.

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These are a few of the comments made by musicians and music lovers at SoundClick where Rory reached #1 in the 'Hottest Bands' chart (out of 290,060 artists) in February 2007.  Full story at www.newhorizonsmusic.co.uk/news.htm.

Rory formed the progressive rock band Protos while at school with life-long friend Stephen Anscombe.  After enroling on a Jazz/Popular music course at the Chichester College of Technology, Rory/Steve recruited Iain Carnegie (Percussion/Keyboards) and Nigel Rippon (Bass Guitar).  The band's first album One Day a New Horizon, recorded in 1982, is one of the rarest independent recordings in the world and fetches up to GBP 400 at auction.  

Into the Mouth of the TigerIn 2007, they resumed their writing/recording activities and released The Noble Pauper's Grave, a 51-minute art rock production.

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While studying music in London, Rory and Iain teamed up with Simon Cartwright to form "Sly", a tongue-in-cheek tribute to "Sky" (John Williams).  They played a one off Cathedral Green concert during the Chichester Arts Festival in 1983.  After this, Rory composed on his own and performed with Danzante, an instrumental jazz/rock band.  In September 2006, he formed New Horizons Music with his wife Caroline, Stephen Anscombe, Iain Carnegie and Nigel Rippon to develop both solo and collaborative musical projects.  He has released an album of original classical music, A Question of Expression, and a collection of art-rock compositions, Passing Decades.

In 2009, Rory came 4th in the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in the Solo Piano Song category.