Dr Rory Ridley-Duff

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The Noble Pauper's Grave

A 13-track concept album by Protos that tells the story of a noble who rejects his privileged upbringing to rally the poor.  All music composed and arranged by Rory Ridley-Duff and Stephen Anscombe - 51 minutes

Passing Decades

Rory's first solo rock album. Single-CD - 54 mins

A Question of Expression

Rory's first album of classical compositions. Single CD- 50 mins

One Day a New Horizon

The internationally well-regarded progressive rock album by Protos. Single-CD - 45 mins

Into the Mouth of the Tiger

The memorable 'Rock at the Regis' concerts from 1982 feature prominently in this live album by Protos. Single-CD - 69 mins

Space and Other Singles

A 12-track musical compilation of Rory's rock, classical, jazz and progressive music, including material written for art rock band Protos. Single-CD - 37 mins